For First-Time Home Buyers: How to Make the Experience as Trouble-Free as Possible

Attorney Michael Trella discusses how a good real estate attorney’s office can keep the process of buying a house from “going off the tracks by defusing potential issues, or being able to react to issues and rectify the situation in your best interest.”

“At ES&M we pride ourselves on being able to say that we’ve seen most issues that can arise at a closing and can successfully remedy those issues in a timely manner,” says Mr. Trella, “Our office has the experience and patience to work through these issues, explain everything to you, and keep everyone calm in the process. The closing attorney has many key jobs in successfully representing first-time home buyers. The most important job in my opinion is reviewing the title search of a property or its history. It has to be reviewed very thoroughly to ensure the client’s buying the property free and clear of all leans and no entitle defects…”

View the video below to learn more: