New Britain High School Football Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The New Britain High School Golden Hurricanes Football program has a great history and helped many student-athletes. I am proud to be part of this great organization, as it has opened doors for me both educationally and professionally. It is my goal to continue giving back to the program that encouraged and helped me to reach this success. Therefore, I will be hosting the NBHS Football Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Sunday, June 9th at Tunxis Country Club in Farmington, CT to raise monies for safety related equipment.

The role of a football coach is not only to win games, but to develop young men for their future lives. Recently, a third focus has entered our initiatives and that is enhanced player safety. Recent medical studies have revealed concussions are very prominent in high school football. In our program, we are faced with budget constraints, but we are totally compliant with meeting the standards set for player safety. Unfortunately, our budget for the 2019 football season is only $4,000. The purpose of my golf tournament is to raise enough money to fund new helmets and shoulder pads for our players that meet the highest standards of safety for those playing the game.

The household median income of New Britain residents is $40,515. The average household median income of our ten opponents in 2019 is $100,362; almost two and a half times New Britain. We are at a financial disadvantage. Our last two golf tournaments have been a huge success and have given us the opportunity to purchase about 1/3 of the equipment that is needed. The equipment I would propose we purchase has the highest rating of any equipment on the market. It will be fit by position in order to maximize safety and performance. In order to outfit these many members, it will cost approximately $400 a helmet and $150 for new shoulder pads. In total, I will need to raise approximately $36,000 in my effort to maximize safety of these young men.

Attached you will find information regarding sponsorship and participation. Your sponsorship and contributions are tax deductible. The funds will go directly to the New Britain High School Football account which is a nonprofit institution.

I hope you join me in my continuous efforts to return Golden Hurricanes Football to historic levels and provide the safest equipment for these young men who have accepted that challenge.

Thank You,

Tebucky Jones
New Britain High School Head Football Coach

New Britain High School Football Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser