How to be an Executor

If you are named the executor or personal representative in a Last Will and Testament, you will be the final administrator of a deceased person’s estate and have many details to manage. The following estate executor checklist can help you … Continued

The Ins and Outs of Title Insurance

There are a number of different steps you will have to go through to finalize the purchase of your new home. Purchasing title insurance is one of the unfamiliar steps but is vitally important. Title insurance is there to protect … Continued

Big Myths of Financial Planning

Every day, you make choices about your finances that affect your long-term happiness. But if you are like most people, you never had any formal education in money management. You’ve had to seek out advice and resources as you go. … Continued

No-Contest Clauses and How They Work

Contesting a Will is not just the stuff of TV melodramas — it happens in real life. After you are gone, if a family member believes you didn’t have the requisite mental capacity to execute your Will, that someone exerted undue influence … Continued

Digital Records and Your Privacy

The rights to access digital assets are scattered through a web of user agreements and federal and state laws. The law protects both a fiduciary’s right to access and the decedent’s privacy. Digital assets include: Electronic communications — emails, social … Continued

Myths of the Estate Tax

If you think you can avoid the federal estate tax, ­­you’re probably right. The federal estate tax applies to Americans only if their estates total more than $11.7 million for individuals and $23.4 million for couples. For these very wealthy … Continued

How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

Appointing a guardian for your children might seem morbid. If you’re a healthy person who doesn’t work a dangerous job, it may also strike you as unnecessary, since your decision usually only matters if you die or become disabled before … Continued

Are You Ready for Your Retirement?

As you head toward your post-work years, you may wonder at what point you will be ready for retirement. One important factor to consider is Social Security. The longer you wait to start collecting after you become eligible at 62, … Continued

Tax Breaks for the Elderly

Getting older has its perks, including tax breaks. Your income threshold for filing a tax return at all is higher, you get a bigger standard deduction, and you can defer or avoid taxes on more money. Below are the details of … Continued