Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

These types of cases can be very complex however simply stated, courts compensate injured parties for the following reasons:

  • Medical bills are awarded based on the actual cost of medical treatment for the injured person. This includes treatment at the time of the injury but and future treatments required which result from the original injury.
  • Lost wages are typically compensated for the actual wages lost while unable to work due to the injury sustained.
  • Pain and suffering awards are subjective and based on the perceived hardship to and disruption of the injured person’s and his or her life.

Wrongful death claims, are brought by survivors of the deceased party or parties. Awards are based upon the following:

  • Lost wages are recoverable including an estimate of future earnings.
  • Medical treatment is also recoverable although no future treatments are involved.
  • Actual funeral expenses for the deceased are recoverable.

These cases are for the benefit of survivors who are dependent on the deceased for material support.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases can be extremely emotional and sometimes complex. It is imperative that you have a qualified, experienced attorney to assist you with navigating the legal system to ensure you or your loved ones receive all compensation owed.