Thoughts from the 54th Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning:

The passage of the SECURE Act will require all to review beneficiary designations for retirement accounts, especially if you are using a trust. Is it time to consider a Charitable Remainder Trust as beneficiary of your IRA? How about a NIMCRUT?  If you have some charitable intent, it may work for you. 

There are certain beneficiaries that can still “stretch” an IRA but if you use a trust, you may need to use a Conduit Trust. 

High income taxpayers should consider an ING Trust. 

S Corp shareholders need to make sure their estate plan is set up to receive S corp stock without invalidating the S election. 

Connecticut is one of the most aggressive states in challenging change of domicile.  For all of those that claim you live in Florida, South Carolina or any other state, beware!

Financial elder abuse is on the rise and is being committed in more insidious ways. 

Connecticut adopted the Uniform Trust Code.  If you are a Trustee, do you know how that changed your obligations and responsibilities?

Robert Scalise.